Zeolite’s Unfortunate Bad Reputation

Zeolite’s Unfortunate Bad Reputation

Zeolite is an extraordinary mineral that has numerous healing abilities. In short, zeolite takes heavy metals and other dangerous toxins out of the body, with no healing crisis. Although zeolite has been used in industries for decades, it has only been available as a dietary supplement for about the last 15 years. The problem with this supplement is that there are so many companies selling different zeolite products, it’s difficult to know who to trust.


Why does zeolite have such a bad rep?

Many zeolite companies don’t care about your health. For the most part, they are just looking to make as much money off of you, and your situation, as possible. Many are not experienced health professionals and are usually not well-versed on the subject of zeolite. Some less scrupulous companies even use industrial grade zeolite in their products because it’s cheap to buy in bulk. Industrial zeolite is often filled with toxic metals, such as lead and manganese, and should NEVER be ingested!

PLEASE DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED FROM TAKING ZEOLITE! Its powers to heal the body in the toxic world we live in are extraordinary! Personally, I can vouch that zeolite has helped improve my health and has saved me from sickness. As an individual who has been taking zeolite daily for the past 4 years, I have become well educated on which products are the best and which should most definitely be avoided. Also, there are zeolite companies that care! (Learn more about the benefits of zeolite as a daily dietary supplement.)


Even though the zeolite supplement industry may be flooded with unethical businessmen feeding off your health concerns and needs, this doesn’t mean that you should write off using zeolite as a daily dietary supplement. YOU JUST NEED TO KNOW WHO TO TRUST! Using the knowledge I have gained over the years about different supplement companies and their products, I have complied a list of which companies/products can be trusted and which products should be avoided and why.

**TRUSTED Zeolite Supplements**

***DO NOT TRUST these Zeolite Supplements***

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