Aluminum in Zeolite: Dangerous or Safe?

Aluminum in Zeolite: Dangerous or Safe?

Many people are concerned with the fact that there is aluminum in zeolite. But they really shouldn’t be. The structure of zeolite is that of an alumino-silicate—which is a fancy way of saying it’s made up of aluminum and silicon. Let’s take a look at the structure of zeolite in order to understand how these two elements create zeolite.


The Structure of Zeolite

Zeolite is porous structure that is kind of similar to a honeycomb shape. The inside of these pores is made of aluminum, which is what gives the zeolite that unique negative charge. The outer structure of the zeolite is made of silicon, which has a neutral charge and is EXTREMELY strong! When ingested, the body is only exposed to the silicon. Silicon cannot be broken down by the body (with one exception, which I will get to very soon!) And since the silicon cannot be broken down, the zeolite stays a perfect solid structure, and the aluminum is never exposed or absorbed into the body. It safely travels through the body, pulling positively charged toxins, such as heavy metals and pesticides, into its negatively charged pores. After about 6 to 8 hours, the zeolite is excreted, along with any toxins it picked up.

I like to compare the alumino-silicate structure of zeolite to the hydrogen-oxygen composition of water. In large amounts, hydrogen can be dangerous to our bodies. However, we are not fearful of consuming water just because it contains hydrogen! It’s the same thing with zeolite. Don’t be fearful of zeolite just because it contains aluminum. The aluminum and silicon have come together to form a completely new structure—zeolite! Just like hydrogen and oxygen coming together to form the completely new structure of water!

The One Exception

The structure of zeolite cannot be broken down in the body, except by hydrochloric acid (HCL) based medications and supplements. People often take these potent supplements when their stomach acid becomes weak and can no longer properly break down food. HCL medications and supplements contain a very strong form of hydrochloric acid that can actually break down the structure of the zeolite. Once broken down, the zeolite is no longer recognizable and becomes a pool of various elements, including aluminum. Then the aluminum has the potential of being absorbed into the blood stream.

Stomach Acid and Zeolite

Stomach acid and HCL medications and supplements are not the same. Stomach acid cannot break down the structure of zeolite. ZEO Health, which is the original manufacturer of zeolite health supplements, had laboratory tests done in which zeolite was exposed to stomach acid for a full 24 hours. The results established the fact that the structure of zeolite CANNOT by broken down by stomach acid.


What You Should Be Worried About

Instead of worrying that zeolite contains aluminum, you should be more concerned with the purity of the zeolite. Zeolite is mined out of the ground, and if it comes from any area that contains a lot of heavy metals, then the cage of the zeolite may already be filled with toxins. After ingesting contaminated zeolite, the toxic heavy metals could potentially be released into your body. This is why the purity may be the single most important factor when choosing a zeolite health supplement.


Signs of Zeolite Contamination

Zeolite health supplements should only contain clinoptilolite, which is the only form of zeolite safe enough to ingest. Clinoptilolite should be an off-whitish to gray color. Other colors, like pink and green, indicate contamination. If your zeolite has a color to it, then you were sold commercial grade zeolite. This type of zeolite is used as concrete filler and in cat litter, which surely cannot be good for you! Only pure, pharmaceutical grade zeolite should be ingested.

* I have heard recently from people that a certain zeolite company in Colorado has been selling zeolite that has a greenish tint to it. The people who bought this garbage are SHOCKED when I tell them that the greenish tint indicates the presence of copper. Some of them were consuming the contaminated zeolite for months! Who knows what damaged the contaminated zeolite did to their insides!


Purest Zeolite Supplements

The purest zeolite supplements on the market are made by a company called ZEO Health. They have been in business for 15 years, and are the original manufacturers of zeolite health supplements. Before ZEO Health, there were no zeolite health supplements! The zeolite they use in their health supplements has been tested against all the other major health supplement companies, and has always proved to be the purest on the market! They have a few different zeolite health supplements, so it is easy to find one that will fit your needs.

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