Trusted Zeolite Products

Trusted Zeolite Products

What zeolite supplements can I trust?

When it comes to your health, there are not many products that can be trusted. Yet, there is one dietary zeolite company in particular that can, in fact, be trusted—ZEO Health. There are a number of reasons why this company is far superior to all others, and should be trusted above all others

1. ZEO Health is the original manufacturer of zeolite health supplements, and has been around for over 15 years. Although original does always mean better, in this case it does. The founder of the company did his homework, and had zeolite mines from all over the world tested for almost 4 years before bringing the product to consumers. Their zeolite is the purist on the market.

2. Also, ZEO Health’s zeolite has been used in medical studies to demonstrate the positive effects zeolite has on humans and animals. While inferior zeolite supplement companies constantly refer to these medical studies to sell consumers on the healing powers of zeolite, it is NOT the same pure zeolite that was used in the studies!

3. They also do not sell liquid zeolite (or water and barely any zeolite). ZEO Health sells only powder forms of zeolite. Whether it is in capsules or straight powder, you are guaranteed to get the amount of zeolite you paid for!

4. ZEO Health’s products have straight forward directions, and nothing fishy about them. The dosage for each product may vary, depending upon the product itself and your reason for taking it, but the dosage directions focus on taking it at different times of the day. This is important since it takes a full 6 to 8 hours for zeolite to cycle through the body.

5. Unlike other zeolite supplement companies, ZEO Health specializes in making only zeolite products. This is important because it means that they are true experts on zeolite because it is all they know and do. And this leads into the next point…

6. The people who work at ZEO Health are well educated and know their information. If you ever have any questions or concerns, they are always willing to take the time to help, and are quite upfront and truthful about everything.

7. ZEO Health is NOT a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company! The motivation for MLM (or pyramid) businesses is money, and not your health! For instance, a certain MLM company spends not even $5 making their “liquid” zeolite product, and sells it to the public for about $60. That is a profit of $55 spread over numerous levels of sales people. In the end, you spent $60 for an eye-dropper full of water and a couple cents worth of zeolite. For the same price, you could buy the Zeolite Pure from ZEO Health, which is almost a pound worth of zeolite powder, and mix it in your own water! With this product, the amount of zeolite you are ingesting in just one dosage is greater than all the zeolite in the entire bottle of the MLM product! Furthermore, depending upon how much zeolite you consume in a day, one container of the Zeolite Pure could last you about 3 months’ time, whereas the liquid will usually last only about a month.

8. ZEO Health manufactures all their products themselves. This means there is no middle men, unlike MLMs, and so there are no sales people to pressure you or mark up the price to take a large cut for themselves. Furthermore, you can also be sure that ZEO Health’s products are top quality since they have been in business for so long, and take pride in each product they make.

9. ZEO Health is a small business and they have your health in mind, not your money! The zeolite supplementation industry makes billions of dollars every year. The people who are usually making all this money are the shady, unscrupulous individuals who are selling you water and not zeolite! With ZEO Health’s products, you get what you pay for, large quantities of high quality zeolite.

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