Sketchy Zeolite Products

Sketchy Zeolite Products

What Zeolite Supplements Should be Avoided?

Please note: I did not specifically name a company, but based upon the bits of information I listed, you will be able to make your own assessment on who not to trust.

Play on Words

Here is what to STAY AWAY from when purchasing a zeolite dietary supplement…


People love the idea of a liquid product because, compared to pills and powder, it is so easy to take. However, the mineral zeolite, cannot be liquefied! “Liquid zeolite” is mostly water, with trace amounts of zeolite. Don’t fall for this scam and pay $30-$60 for water and 3 cents worth of zeolite!

**Some people prefer the convenience of a liquid zeolite supplement, and that’s okay.**

If you would like a high quality suspension (liquid) zeolite supplement from an honest, caring company, please consider Zetox by Regal Supplements.

Activated Zeolite-

This phrase is thrown around to imply that the product has gone through some special process which makes it more effective. “Activated zeolite” derives from the idea of “activated carbon,” wherein carbon goes through a special process to make it more porous, thus increasing its surface area and making it more absorbent. Zeolite is naturally porous, and cannot be made more porous. The ONLY process that ALL zeolite used as a dietary supplement goes through is a cleaning and washing.


Nano zeolite doesn’t exist. A nano particle is smaller than the molecules of heavy metals and other toxins, thus a “nano” particle of zeolite could never absorb toxins. Furthermore, if zeolite was broken down to the nano level, it would no longer be zeolite. Just merely bits that once made up a molecule of zeolite, and would not work like zeolite.

Multiple Zeolites-

This is written to make people think “more is better, ” or somehow 2 types of zeolite are more effective. But, more is NOT better in this case. There are only 2 safe forms of zeolite that can be ingested— clinoptilolite and mordenite. The difference between these 2 types of zeolites is that mordenite has a sharp cage-structure, which overtime could potentially cause damage to your insides. The structure of clinoptilolite does no damage to the body over time. So although mordenite can be ingested, it doesn’t mean it should. If zeolite sellers are promoting more than one type of zeolite, you should be wary of what other types of zeolite, besides clinoptilolite, are being added to their products.

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Odd Directions

There are some very shady and random directions and usages you need to look out for. These odd directions should signal that the people who make these products know little to nothing about zeolite, and therefore probably don’t know much about making it also.

Here are some examples of these odd directions:

1. Do not consume before or after eating.

Zeolite does not take healthy nutrients out of the body, nor does it interfere with digestion. Thus, it should not matter if one were to take zeolite with food, on an empty stomach, right before eating, or directly afterwards.

2. Do not eat or drink anything for at least 2 minutes before or after using.

Ironically, these directions are found on “liquid” zeolite products. Since these products are mainly water, consumers are “drinking” while taking the scant dose of zeolite.

3. Gradually increase dosage

The (liquid) directions usually say something like, “Use 2 drops the first day, 4 days the second day, 6 drops the third day,” and so on. These directions are misleading and make no sense because it implies that zeolite is some sort of drug to which you have to build up a tolerance. Since zeolite has a strong cage-like structure and is not absorbed by you cells, there is no tolerance to be built up! It simply travels throughout your body, pulls out heavy metals and toxins, and is excreted within 6 to 8 hours. In contrast, you should be taking a higher dosage when you first start taking zeolite to get as many toxins out of your body, as fast as possible, and then lower your dosage if you feel the need.


Examine and compare the technical differences between various zeolite products.

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